Microgreen Newsletter

  • Microgreens Workshop

    Want to learn how to grow microgreens at home? Sign up for my workshop at Down To Earth Garden Center on Tuesday January 17 at 4pm. Cost is $15 and includes a take home microgreen grow dome

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  • Autophagy

    Autophagy, yes that subject we talk about everyday. Wait, what? So what are we talking about? Let’s look at what itis, why we want it and how can we make it happen. Autophagy is a “process by which a cell breaks down anddestroys old, damaged, or abnormal proteins and other substances in its cytoplasm (the […]

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  • The Amazing Microgreen

    Microgreens, how can a little plant have so much flavor and nutrition? Microgreens have been in the market place since at the 90’s when a San Francisco chef began growing them for his restaurant. We know what amazingconcentrated flavor they have in each bite. They are also very versatile for use with wraps, burgers, eggs, […]

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