Hi, I’m Dr. Dan Czelatdko

Farm Doc Microgreens grew from an idea to provide healthy food that was also nutrient rich to my patients. Promoting good eating and healthy diets is what I do and many just don’t like vegetables or can’t eat them in the quantity they need.  As I discovered microgreens and began sharing my home-grown products with others, I was encouraged to sell them and share with others. The business has literally grown itself through word of mouth and by sharing the quality and tastes of the microgreens. We currently supply many local restaurants, several retail stores and participate in multiple summer and winter markets in Eau Claire. We are a young business starting in 2018. My goal has always been to provide a product that would provide delicious microgreens grown with the utmost quality. Once a customer, always a customer is a motto that I have strived to maintain through my years in healthcare and has remained important to me. I aim to grow and supply the best product I can so those experiencing can enjoy the full potential of the microgreen.