Microgreen Newsletter

  • Nitric Oxide and Microgreens

    Nitric oxide? Has Dr. Dan been spending too much time in the greenhouse? Nitric oxide should not be confused withnitrous oxide which is a colorless gas used for pain and sedation mostly in the dental office. Nitric oxide (NO) isrecognized as one of the most important molecules in the body. Its primary function in the […]

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  • Farm Doc’s New Greenhouse

    Greenhouse After many hours of researching a greenhouse ideas, materials, etc. Farm Doc Microgreens decided to buy a shipping container and covert into a greenhouse. This new greenhouse has quadrupled my microgreen growing capacity allowing us to grow up to 500 trays per week. The controlled environment will ensure the best growing conditions. We plan […]

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  • Microgreens and Immune Health

    A lot has changed in our world since our last newsletter in January. Rest assured, Farm Doc Microgreens continues to produce fresh grown, highly nutritious microgreens. And speaking of nutrition, we are all now trying to fill our diet with foods to help boost our immune system. Fortunately, microgreens is one way to achieve those […]

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