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The Amazing Radish Microgreen

Radish microgreens have been gaining popularity among health-conscious consumers looking to add more superfoods to their diets. Radish micros are loaded with vitamins, and research suggests that these super-nutritious sprouts may be even more effective at preventing cancer than broccoli microgreens. Here’s some of the facts on the health benefits of radish microgreens.

Folate, B6 and Anti-Cancer Components
Radish sprouts are an excellent source of folate, with 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of radish sprouts delivering almost a quarter of the Daily Value of folate. Folate is believed to promote cardiovascular health by breaking down homocysteine, an amino acid that is thought to promote atherosclerosis (fatty deposits in blood vessels). About half the people with cardiovascular disease have elevated homocysteine levels, compared with only 5% of the general population. In addition to providing tons of folate, radish sprouts contain plenty of vitamin B6, another nutrient that has been shown to break down homocysteine in the body. Thanks to their extremely high glucosinolate content, broccoli sprouts are touted for their anti-cancer effects. Radish sprouts may have even more of this anti-cancer potential than broccoli sprouts.

Weight Loss Effect
Radish sprouts are inarguably one of the best foods for people who are trying to lose weight. Like other sprouts, radish sprouts are very low in calories (43 calories per 100 grams, or 3.5 ounces), and they are packed with vitamin C. A study from Arizona State University found that people with low blood concentrations of vitamin C burned 25 percent less fat during a 60-minute walking session on a treadmill than people with adequate levels of vitamin C. Among other things, your body uses vitamin C to make carnitine, a compound that encourages your body to turn fat into fuel, rather than to store it as body fat. Try radish micros on a salad, wrap, sushi roll or burger for extra zip and nutrients.

Farm Doc Microgreens are locally grown in Strum, WI. The micros are grown in a controlled environment with non-GMO, organic seeds using clean soil, adequate hydration and ventilation. They are hand harvested using sterile procedures, packed and delivered fresh to the farmers market, your favorite restaurant or store or directly to your home.