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Q & A with Dr. Dan

Hello everyone! I thought I would answer some commonly asked questions I receive when I do the Farmers Markets. Hopefully this fully educates you on the use and benefits of microgreens.

What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are the stem and leaf of many plants, typically harvested after 10-14 days of growth. They exibit the same flavor as the plant they are grown from.

Can any vegetable become an edible microgreen?

No, but many can. We grow popcorn and cantaloupe microgreens and they are delicious. Nightshades don’t work, however, as you may know how tomatoe greens taste.

How do I store Microgreens?

Microgreens are best stored in the front of the refrigerator in their original container. If in a crisper, switch to the fruit setting for less humidity.

Can I cook with Microgreens?

Microgreens are best used after your food is cooked. However, some recipes allow for stir fry. This will retain the best flavor, texture and nutritional value.

Are microgreens better then mature vegetables?

From a nutrient dense comparison, microgreens have up to 40x more nutrients compared to the mature plant.

What are microgreens grown in/on?

Farm Doc Microgreens are grown on a sterile sphagnum peat mix. They can be grown hydroponically but lose some of the nutrient value.

Can the soil be reused to regrow microgreens?

No. The soil becomes matted with roots. This is discarded and fed to my chickens to make healthy eggs.

What got you started growing and selling microgreens?

As a board certified, clinical nutritionist at Chippewa Valley Wellness treating a variety of conditions using nutrition, I find food to be a true “medicine” and a necessary tool to heal digestive, hormonal, inflammatory, autoimmune and weight conditions.